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Rental price
The rental price covers the use of a fully equipped vessel, insurance of the vessel above the value of the contracted deposit and personal insurance of the crew.

The rental price does not cover the costs of fuel and other necessities, the compensation for the crew (skipper) and other special costs, the costs of marinas and moorings during the use of the vessel.

Obligations and responsibilities of the lessee
The tenant undertakes:

- sail in Croatian territorial waters,

- that he will not rent or lend the vessel to any other person,

- that the vessel will not participate in competitions,

- that he will not use the vessel for any economic purposes,

- in addition, he undertakes to use the vessel only in weather conditions that guarantee the safety of the vessel and the crew.

In case the renter needs a skipper, he should inform the Agency or Darmar d.o.o. at the time of booking.

When the renter does not intend to use a skipper, he declares and proves that he has all the necessary permits for managing the rented vessel, valid and in accordance with the applicable legal norms of the Republic of Croatia. Otherwise, he declares that the vessel will be operated by a crew member who has valid licenses in accordance with the applicable legal norms of the Republic of Croatia.

In the case of damages caused by the lessee's fault and/or carelessness, for which the owner of the vessel is liable to third parties, and which are not covered by insurance, the lessee is obliged to compensate all material and other costs of Darmar d.o.o. (the owner).

The lessee is especially responsible in case of confiscation of the vessel due to illegal activities.

In the event of an accident or incident, the lessee is obliged to record the course of events or request a written confirmation from the Port Authority, doctor or other authorized persons. The lessee is obliged to immediately notify Darmar d.o.o. (the owner) of such events.

In the event of the vessel's disappearance, impossibility of navigation, confiscation of the vessel or prohibition of navigation, imposed by the authorities or other persons, the lessee is obliged to immediately notify the company Darmar d.o.o. (the owner). The owner of the boat will compensate the damage, caused by accident or carelessness of the renter, from the deposit.

When the amount of damage or failure exceeds the amount of the deposit, the company Darmar d.o.o. (owner) will collect the damage from the insurer with whom the vessel is insured. When the damage or defect is caused by the lessee's obvious carelessness or carelessness, or is caused intentionally, the lessee is obliged to cover the company Darmar d.o.o. (the owner), all eventual costs that may arise from it.

The lessee is obliged to check the oil level in the engine every day. Damages and losses caused by a lack of oil in the engine are the responsibility of the renter. Damages to the marine part of the vessel, caused by carelessness or poor management, are the responsibility of the lessee.

The renter undertakes not to sail in insufficiently known zones according to the nautical charts in his possession, or without first studying the nautical charts of a certain zone. In addition, he undertakes not to sail at night.

The lessee undertakes not to leave the port or moorings, if the wind strength is over 30 knots, or meteorological forecasts announce such a wind, if the harbor master has prohibited navigation, or if the failure of any vital part of the vessel, such as engine, pump, hoist, has not been repaired anchors, lights, compass, safety equipment, etc. The lessee will not leave the harbor or berth without sufficient fuel and when the weather conditions, or the condition of the vessel or the crew are unsafe. In case of non-compliance with the above obligations, the lessee is personally responsible to the owner of the vessel and will accept all the consequences.

The lessee is responsible for the violation of navigational norms and other norms, even after the expiration of the vessel's rental period. Taking over and returning the vessel.

The vessel will be handed over to the lessee with all valid documents necessary for its use.

The lessee must keep these documents until the end of the lease. The owner is obliged to hand over the vessel to the lessee clean and in order, ready for sailing and fully equipped, with full tanks of water and fuel.


Before starting to use the rental service, the lessee is obliged to check the general condition of the vessel and check whether the list of equipment and ship's inventory corresponds to the actual condition. When the lessee does not return the vessel to the scheduled port and on time, he agrees to pay compensation to the company Darmar d.o.o. (the owner), including any damages and costs incurred by the company Darmar d.o.o. (the owner) due to the delayed return of the vessel

The delay can be justified by force majeure only if the lessee immediately informed Darmar d.o.o. (the owner). Expenses due to loss and damage to the equipment and parts of the vessel, caused by the negligence of the lessee and his crew, are at the expense of the lessee. The company Darmar d.o.o. will collect the damage from the deposit deposited before departure. In case the vessel is returned untidy and unclean, the owner will charge the price of special cleaning from the deposit. The owner will also fill the fuel tank (if necessary) and collect the fuel costs from the renter.

Before taking over the boat, the renter leaves the owner's obligation to deposit a cash deposit or a credit card printout for the amount determined by the owner. The deposit will be fully returned to the renter if the vessel is returned at the agreed time, undamaged and in order, with full fuel.

If the vessel is rented with the owner's skipper, the tenant is also obliged to leave a deposit that does not cover the costs incurred due to the skipper's carelessness and poor management of the vessel and equipment.

Vessel, equipment and crew for all cases of damage and losses above the deductible, which depends on the type of chartered vessel. The vessel and the driver are insured against liability for damage caused to a third party. All damages and/or losses covered by insurance must be reported to the owner immediately upon occurrence.

Objections and appeals
Only objections and appeals received in writing during the return of the vessel (check-out) will be considered.


The lessee and the owner undertake to resolve by mutual agreement all possible disagreements that may arise during the execution of this Agreement. Otherwise, disagreements will be left to be resolved by the competent court in Makarska.

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